Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Formally served by JCJ Development

Today - Tom Okon was formally served by Circuit court of Cook County for Libel and Slander. The complaint was filed by JCJ Development and Jim Jaeger.

After speaking to our attorney, responding to this complaint could cost us personally thousands of dollars in attorney fees.


Anonymous said...

Hey Tom, a couple of things. I live in the 1800 block of Warner which, I have been led to believe, is outside the voting area for the rezoning but is certainly in the neighorhood. Do you guys think it might be good idea to expand the area of North Center Neighbors/Irving Park Branch to include a greater area than it apparently now does (maybe from Berteau to Grace.) I am also wondering if there has been any consideration of a formal organization with elected officers and block representatives. I would be willing to pay a membership fee to help with expenses and I think that others might also. In so far as the legal expenses, whether or not that would be a legimate expenditure of membership fees should be left to the members to decide. Just a thought or two. Thanks for doing all of this and having taken the risks that are apparent in having done so.

Joe Nolan
1831 W. Warner

Anonymous said...

It is my personal opinion that this lawsuit is an act of intimidation designed to keep the neighbors in line and to coerce North Center Neighbors into going along with JCJ development plans. But we will not be bullied!

Anonymous said...

These kinds of strong-arm tactics have no place in our neighborhood, and they just go to show what kind of businessman Jim Jaeger is.

Anonymous said...

I'd be happy to support a fund for any legal fight. Strength in numbers - Jim Jaegar needs to be stop the threats. The community needs to start a letter campaign to the Alderman. Let them hear our voices.