Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Beware 3 sexual assaults in Lakeview & Lincoln Park Area

In case you have not been following the news there have been 3 sexual
assaults in the past 10 days in the Lakeview & Lincoln Park area.
The man has come up from behind the woman who have been walking alone and has attack her very close to their home. Please be extra cautious!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

"Developer on the Prowl"

Rumor has it.....the developer is approaching the businesses on the south side of Irving Park.

I would assume he has been approaching them for years but maybe now he is approaching them more strongly.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Proposed development update as of 7/10/07

Details of Proposed development of 1820-1842 Irving Park Road - which was Voted down on 7/10/07:

Requesting zoning change from B3-2(max height=55 ft) to B3-5 (max height=80 ft)

Estimated proposed height 65 - 70 ft at the 6th floor penthouse

7,600 sq ft commercial space
20 commercial parking spaces
110 residential parking spaces

6 story building at the penthouse level on East side of building
66 Residential condo units

224 ft width frontage
120 ft depth
23ft back setback
9 ft 6 inches front setback
12 ft setback on side
15 ft setback from alley
2ft setback ground level through parking level

B3-2 zoning to B3-5 zone

Other similar development on 3823 N. Ashland

Traffic engineers are KLOA engineering

132/66 equals 2-1 ratio of parking, not 110/66

Impact on electricity - not addresses

Impact on Sewage - not addressed

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thank you

We want to thank Alderman Schulter for a successful Community Meeting last night.

The proposed zoning change was voted down last night, not necessarily the proposed project.

It is most important that the community be informed and participate, than anything else.

We want say "thank you" to the Pilgrim Lutheran Church and their pastor - for hosting the meeting.

We want to thank the developer, his attorney and his architects for taking the time to present their proposed project. "Thank You"

But most of all we want to THANK the community for getting involved and for showing concern for their neighborhood.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Community Voting meeting tonight - to vote on the proposed zoning change at 1820-1842 Irving park road.



Bring proof of residency or property ownership


4300 N Winchester
Chicago IL 60613

Any questions - email us at: NORTHCENTERNEIGHBORS@GMAIL.COM

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Changes to the proposed development

A neighbor of ours called the Alderman's office today and this is what our neighbor found out:

" I just called and spoke to Beth in the Alderman's office who said Jim Jaeger is attending the meeting Tuesday night with new proposal changes and she BELIEVES it won't be a voting meeting because of that.

Here is what Beth said regarding the proposed project: Proposal is for 66 units, 6 floors with the penthouse being the top, 7600 sq. feet of commercial space and 2 affordable housing units in the building. Also, 20 public parking spaces and 110 residential parking spaces.

Beth said YOU MUST attend with correct id to vote when it happens. Emails or phone calls or letters will not cut it because Dan Luna checks id from voters."

Monday, July 2, 2007

Community meeting Tuesday 7/10/07

Community meeting Tuesday 7/10/07
At Pilgrim Lutheran Church
4300 N Winchester Avenue
at 7pm

Purpose of this voting meeting is to discuss a zoning change for the properties of 1820-1842 Irving Park Road - as previously proposed by Jim Jaeger and JCJ Development.

A vote may be taken so bring proof of ownership or residency (IE: identification or utility bill or envelope from letter from Alderman's office)

Any questions - email us at Northcenterneighbors@gmail.com

If you need a ride - please email us.