Monday, July 2, 2007

Community meeting Tuesday 7/10/07

Community meeting Tuesday 7/10/07
At Pilgrim Lutheran Church
4300 N Winchester Avenue
at 7pm

Purpose of this voting meeting is to discuss a zoning change for the properties of 1820-1842 Irving Park Road - as previously proposed by Jim Jaeger and JCJ Development.

A vote may be taken so bring proof of ownership or residency (IE: identification or utility bill or envelope from letter from Alderman's office)

Any questions - email us at

If you need a ride - please email us.


Anonymous said...

That is so interesting. The letter we recived from the Alderman's office said a vote MAY be taken. Definetly does not say it WILL be taken.

Tom Okon said...

A vote will be taken - so be prepared to vote.