Wednesday, August 22, 2007

8/21/07 Community Meeting Results

Hello Neighbors

Last night at the community meeting a vote was taken and a zoning change was approved for the 1820-1842 Irving Park Properties. The vote was 59 "for" the zoning change and 44 "against" the zoning change.

We would like to thank Alderman Schulter, Mr Luna - Alderman's chief of staff, JCJ Development, Jonathan Splitt, the Pastor of the Pilgrim Church and all the neighbors for all their hard work,dedication and involvement with this issue.

Here is a brief summary of the meeting:

1. Building being proposed:

a. 3 separate buildings.
b. Each building will house 16 condo units, totaling 48 units for the 3 buildings combined.
c. Each condo unit will be 1300-1438 square feet, sale price $399,000 - $599,000.
d. 24 parking places in each building - there will not be any parking available for the ground floor retail space in each of these 3 buildings with the exception of any metered spaces in the front of those buildings. This will amount to approximately 5 metered spaces for 3 retail store fronts.
e. All the residential parking will be entered via the 1800 block of Cuyler Alleyway.
f. 4 units per floor
g. Each building will be 65 feet in height
h. Each building will have a "green" roof
i. There will NOT be any affordable housing units in any of these 3 buildings
j. Length of construction 18 months

2. Much to our surprise ! The Alderman only allowed 'property owners' a vote. He only allowed 1 vote per address. This is different then what he had communicated in the past when he allowed residents a vote and not just property owners vote.

3. There were quite a few people we did not recognize at this meeting.

4. A consultant paid by the developer - stated how the "zoning laws" are out of date and need to be updated for the current state of property availability in Chicago. Please read the "Purpose and Intent of the zoning code City of Chicago" it details their purpose and intent. See our blog - entry dated May 12, 2007. No where in the "Purpose and Intent" does it state "so that landowners can make money on projects due to the cost of land, therefore zones should be changed."

If you have any questions or comments - please email me at

Best Regards,
Joy Okon

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Pilgrim Lutheran Church, 4300 N. Winchester Avenue

Please attend and be prepared to vote - bring proof of residency or property ownership.

Meeting being held to discuss a proposed zoning change of the properties at 1820-1842 Irving park Road from the existing zoning of B3-2 to B3-3.

The existing zoning of B3-2 allows for a 50 foot tall structure approximately 4 stories.

A B3-3 zoning allows for a 65 foot structure approximately 5-6 stories

We are assuming what the developer will be proposing the same project he proposed to a small core group on 6/15/07 - please see the blog posting on 6/15/7 for more information.

Lawsuit continues

Mr Thomas Okon is still being sued by JCJ Development and Jim Jaeger. Mr Okon's attorney filed a "Motion to Dismiss" Mr. Jim Jaeger's complaint in Cook county circuit court on Friday, August 3, 2007.

At this time, Mr. Okon's legal fees have exceeded $2,500 just to respond to Mr Jaeger and JCJ Development's complaint.