Friday, June 15, 2007

New Proposed Modifications by JCJ Development to the 1820-1842 Irving Park Project

Below is the new proposed project specifications per JCJ Development as of 6/12/07:


PARKING SPACES: 93 parking spaces

STORIES: 5 stories (this includes the penthouse)

HEIGHT: 53 feet at Building and 65 feet at Penthouse

ZONING Zoning Change Requested: from B3-2 to B3-3
Minimum Zoning change requested

We sincerely appreciate all of JCJ Developments hard work and dedication to this project. We will be meeting with JCJ Development in late June to discuss this project further.

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franca said...

I'm concerned that attention is not being paid to the street scape of any new project in our neighborhood. Just look at the existing building the same developers put up on the south side of IPR. Half of the retail space is occupied by a dental office that completely covered all it's windows with what appears to be wrapping paper. The other portion of the retail space doesn't appear to be intended for any retail user, as it's a maze of staircases inside the space. We need to have pedestrian friendly streetfronts to keep the walkway safe and used. We need retail that opens onto IPR, is welcoming, and provides services that our community needs. What is the intended occupant of the 8500SF dedicated to retail? Whole Foods? How will that traffic be handled? Who else needs that space? I'm certain the developers are working on that tenancy and we need to know if it will become some vacant, unattractive, forbidding presence.