Saturday, August 11, 2007


Pilgrim Lutheran Church, 4300 N. Winchester Avenue

Please attend and be prepared to vote - bring proof of residency or property ownership.

Meeting being held to discuss a proposed zoning change of the properties at 1820-1842 Irving park Road from the existing zoning of B3-2 to B3-3.

The existing zoning of B3-2 allows for a 50 foot tall structure approximately 4 stories.

A B3-3 zoning allows for a 65 foot structure approximately 5-6 stories

We are assuming what the developer will be proposing the same project he proposed to a small core group on 6/15/07 - please see the blog posting on 6/15/7 for more information.

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Anonymous said...

Amidst all of the debate surrounding this zoning change (and there has been plenty), why is the fundamental question not being asked?

"What is the INCREMENTAL benefit to the community (those being asked to change) that the proposed zoning change will bring about?"

For the developer, the motivation is obvious: More condos = more $. But for us, the neighbors, the neighboring businesses - what will we get? There is nothing I have heard in the proposal that will yield INCREMENTAL benefits by changing the zoning. The developer can still make a beautiful & green building with the current zoning, can't they? Or do they need the additional 15 feet to make it beautiful or green? I doubt it. I'm not against the development of a new condo building and understand the value that it would bring to my neighborhood. But my question is: what can't they achieve with the existing zoning that would actually be a benefit to the community? Right now, any change in zoning would only yield more headaches: higher density with less parking, more construction (bigger = more), and less sunlight and privacy for those that live immediately behind on Cuyler.

Seems like a simple and fundamental question that the developer has not addressed. Is it because...there are NO incremental benefits?

The question should be asked of the developer, but also those that voted in favor of the proposed change. What are they thinking? What benefit do they see from the proposed change? I would like to understand this.